Flora & Fauna


Lake James is fed by the clear mountain waters of the Catawba and Linville rivers.

These fresh mountain rivers keep the waters of Lake James pristine and clear all year.  The shoreline that surrounds the lake is a mixture of hardwoods and evergreens.  The hilly terrain around the lake is the perfect environment for a variety of wildflowers, mountain laurels, rhododendron, azaleas and many other native species.  A variety of wildlife can be found along the trails that weave their way through the communities.  frogs, river otters, belted kingfishers and a variety of fish live in or on the shore of Lake James.  In addition, deer, rabbits, box turtles and fox can all be seen in the fields and meadows located around The Camp.  Enjoy the beauty of nature at Camp Lake James - you never know what you’re going to see.