Kids Corner


Take time to play outdoors and make some awesome discoveries in nature. 



Try some of the following activities on your next nature walk.

Print the Lake James Wildlife Tracks page and take on a nature walk to help identify tracks you find along the trail.

Monogram Walk: On a hike each person tries to see, hear, touch or smell objects that begin with the initials of their name.

Penny Hike: Give each person a penny. Have them find items in nature that will fit on a penny.

Unusual Object Walk: Give each person a bag that they can place an unusual object in during a nature walk. At the end, compare objects - anything that is the same as what someone else has is disqualified. The person with the most unusual objects wins!

Leaf Printing

  1. Collect leaves from outside
  2. Below are two ways to make leaf prints:
      (a) Press leaf onto an ink pad or paint and press onto a piece of paper.
      (b) Place leaf under a piece of paper and rub a crayon over the top of the paper.

Pine Cone Bird Feeders

  1. Tie a piece of string or yarn around the top of a pine cone
  2. Cover the pine cone with creamy peanut butter.
  3. Roll the pine cone in bird seed. 
  4. Hang in a tree for our feathered friends to enjoy!
Camp Lake James has 3 miles of the Overmountain Victory National Historic trail that connect to Lake James State Park.  Take a hike along this Revolutionary War trail.  Learn more about the Overmountain men before you walk.

Learn more about the plants and wildlife around Camp Lake James.